Dog Blog Q&A: Dogs Getting Along

Dog Blog Q&A: Dogs Getting Along


Question: Do you have any recommendations about how to bring a new puppy into the home of a four year old dog (small 14 lb. dog) who does not like other dogs? She barks and snaps, but doesn’t bite. She also is pretty spoiled and is only bothered by dogs when they’re in our house. Would it be easier to buy a dog more her size, smaller or larger??

Answer: Young pups tend to drive older dogs nuts. Carefully supervise your new puppy and give your older dog a break Keep your new pup on a leash or crated until thing are going well. This could take months.

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  1. Jillian

    From what I watched from a certain dog TV show, one way to introduce a newcomer dog to an old resident dog is outside the house. Maybe bring them to a park and let them interact with each other. Just be sure to stay by their side in case one of them get violent or act dangerously.

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