Dog Services

Training Services

Family Dog Training - Mark Minnerly - Dallas Dog Trainer$200 per Meeting
Our private lessons are offered at your convenience. During each private lesson you and your family will work one on one with your dog and the trainer. No dog is too old to train, however, we recommend starting as soon as possible. Our Standard Curriculum is used in all our Training Programs and is designed for both puppies and untrained adult dogs.

“Private Training is customized to your wants and needs”

Individual private lessons may cover everything from house training your dog, to basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, and “come”, to walking on a leash properly and how to sit and take direction. We also teach you how to cure bad habits such as jumping up on guests, nipping, chewing, excessive barking, digging and other destructive behaviors. If you are just having a problem with something or you would like your dog to learn something brand new such as off leash training or a special trick or skill, we will be here to help you.

Confidence and agility are taught in advanced obedience lessons along with physical conditioning, tracking, field work, and aggression control. Training in show and competition preparation is also available.

We are ready to help you not only with your dog’s training but with many other issues as well. Health, nutrition and behavior counseling are all included.

We offer individual private follow up sessions at the clients home for $100 each if or when needed.

Boarding Services

Boarding - Mark Minnerly - The Dallas Dog Trainer$50 per day – Boarding is available for established clients only.
Your dog is given a refresher course and brushed up on its obedience. Please make holiday reservations early. All dogs boarded at The Dallas Dog Trainer will:

  • Live in a heated/air conditioned house, unlike traditional kennels
  • Be rotated outside to play with their siblings and other dogs
  • Receive a walk every day
  • On days with nice weather will spend time outside in our yards
  • We provided food (Bil-Jac) and a feeding of once per day. (Second feeding available upon request)

“We teach YOU how to give direction”

We encourage everyone in the family to participate in the training. There will be a one hour Private Lesson with the Trainer on the day you pick up your dog. Once your dog has completed the Board and Train Program it will be up to you to continue the training at home. You will have free email and phone counseling available to you for as long as you own your dog.

Boarding and Training

Boarding and Training - Mark Minnerly - The Dallas Dog Trainer10 days, $800 (optional addl. 4 meetings @ $200)
This is a 10 day course. This program is designed to give you and your dog a jump start on the training. The option to board and train your dog is available to anyone However, it is only necessary if you are planning on leaving town and/or in instances where there is an unfavorable situation in the home and it would be best to remove the dog for a certain length of time and start over fresh.

During your dog’s stay with us they will be introduced to basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “heel” and “come”. They will be introduced on how to properly walk on a leash, sit and accept praise, as well as how to properly socialize with other dogs and people and potty training. Your dog will follow set times for training. feeding, bathroom, play, and sleeping. All dog’s sleep indoors in their own individual crate that we provide.

In addition to the instructional DVD and corresponding Work Book, a new six foot leash, a training collar and a clicker, your dog will receive a bath, brush and nail trim prior to going home.

The board and train program is generally 10 days long but your dog may stay with us up to 30 days if you’d like. These 10 days are scheduled at your convenience and may be reserved several months in advance.

Phone Counseling

45 Minute Phone Counseling Session – $50
(Gives a $25 credit toward any training program!)

Have a Question? Owner education and counseling in health, nutrition and behavior, are just a phone call away. Give us a call and find out what a difference our methods can make for you and your dog!

The Dallas Dog Trainer’s teaching and learning method is Clicker Training. This Confidence Method is used to train whales, dolphins, and movie star dogs. Our training programs are designed to put an instant halt to all misbehavior allowing you the opportunity to move forward with a positive and enthusiastic approach. With the proper supervision and management system it’s possible to prevent misbehavior all together. We believe that consistently rewarding appropriate and desirable behavior helps set a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning.

This method does not believe in punishment, cruelty, or conquering a dog’s spirit.

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